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In the modern life science sector, regulatory standards have never been higher.​ This means the need for well-trained industry professionals is at a premium. You need your staff to be informed, knowledgable, and ready to make quality conscience and compliant decisions.

Our twenty-week Quality Assurance Accreditation Program is designed to give professionals new to pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and biologics the tools they need to succeed in complex regulatory markets.

Program Overview

  • Training Materials: Approximately 20 training e-booklets.

  • Weekly assignments and preparation of questions.

  • Weekly one-hour coaching sessions by telephone.

  • E-mail support.

  • Multiple choice final examination. Passing grade >/= 80%.

  • Accreditation Certificate issued with one-year expiration date.

Class Benefits

  • Employees develop skills needed necessary to make quality conscience and compliant decisions.

  • Cost-Effective. Significantly less than sending employees off-site; saves travel and hotel costs.

  • Educationally Impactful. Employees are not bombarded with too much information at one time. The weekly format allows students to prepare and maximize each session.

  • Accreditation of employees demonstrates organizational commitment to excellence.

  • Fulfills GMP training requirement (21 CFR 211.25).

Audit Option

  • Significantly enhance the effectiveness of the training for your employees in your particular setting.

  • Includes a one-day visit to your facility to meet with the trainee(s), assess and audit their working environment, understand the types of challenges they may face with their day to day responsibilities.

  • The audit can occur before or during the 20-week training period.

  • Please note: there is an additional charge for the audit option.

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