Phase Appropriate GMPs for GCT Webinar

by t_king

Cell_Gene Therapy (GCT)

Phase Appropriate Good Manufacturing Process (GMPs) for Gene and Cell Therapy (GCT) Webinar

Planning for success is vital to the future of gene and cell therapies (GCT). This free webinar hosted by Xavier University and presented by Compliance Insight will outline GMPs that you need in your facility before getting started. Such as understanding when too much or too little can be a detriment to development. You’ll also learn how planning now can help avoid late-phase disasters as well as understanding when you should validate your methods or processes.

Join us for the free webinar Phase Appropriate GMPs for GCTs, September 15, 2021, 12 pm-1 pm EST.

The presenters will be Vice President of Operations Troy Fugate and Manager of Regulatory Compliance Melissa Schneider of Compliance Insight who together have over 50 years of experience in FDA regulated industries.

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