Cybersecurity in pharmaceutical industry

by Brittany Wells

Cyber securityCybersecurity is an essential element of the pharmaceutical industry, and has become increasingly important as cyber criminals target healthcare organizations. An effective cybersecurity strategy can help safeguard your company from hackers who want to steal valuable data or disrupt operations. The most successful companies are those that make cybersecurity a top priority and integrate it into their security culture. A report by the FDA revealed that more than 10% of drug makers were hacked in 2018. Another study found that one-third of all pharma companies had experienced a security incident within the past year. The biggest concern is data theft, but hacking can also lead to manufacturing delays or even product recalls if it compromises patient safety information. These breaches have led many scientists to wonder about how cybersecurity will affect their careers in this field going forward.

The pharmaceutical industry has been a prime target for cyberattacks. For example, GlaxoSmithKline reported that they were targeted by cybercriminals who stole information about their employees and products. The company said that although no personal data was stolen, customer data may have been accessed illegally. This is yet another example of how cybersecurity threats are not only limited to large corporations like Sony or Target; companies across all industries need to be aware of these risks and take appropriate measures to protect themselves from attack.

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