Congrats to our Associate Director, Clinical Division

by TLM

Our Associate Director, Clinical Division Joe Kaufman recently went to a client to give a presentation on “Clinical Trials Gone Awry” and below is the article that was posted to their company newsletter! CONGRATULATIONS JOE!!

Joseph Kaufman, Associate Director of Clinical Research for Compliance Insight, Inc. located in Cincinnati, Ohio visited on June 1, 2018 to discuss an educational seminar entitled, “Clinical Trials Gone Awry”. The seminar provided a brief overview of the historical context of the Nazi Concentration Camps, the Tuskegee Trial, clinical data, the Office of Criminal Investigations and the purpose of providing good data and subject safety in the submission of research to the US Food and Drug Administration. In addition, the seminar focused on handling an FDA Inspection with emphasis on collecting and recording proper data obtained from subjects/volunteers.