GMP Orientation Program




Thinking about applying for that Pharmaceutical or Quality Control position?  Want to get ahead of others in the interview?

If you don’t know or have only a vague clue as to what GMP even means and want to work in an FDA regulated industry, you need to impress the company during the interview.

  • Compliance is perhaps the most obvious goal for a company making GMP a lifestyle.
  • This means that the new employee or temp must be familiar with the GMP regulations and what it requires for his/her specific job.
  • It also means that the employee understands the spirit of the regulation, and can then make decisions based upon a sound understanding of the law as it applies to their job.

As a competitive, FDA-regulated industry, quality must be a main focus of every employee. No manufacturer, packaging firm or testing lab can thrive in business without a high level of quality productivity from their employees. Increasing productivity has become a survival strategy in markets that are highly competitive. This GMP Orientation program will include:

  • Introduction to GMPs
  • Who is the FDA?
  • What are SOPs and what is documentation?
  • The facility
  • Cleaning
  • Validation
  • Testing
  • Booklets provided:
    • The GMPs
    • Quality System Guideline
    • Pharmaceutical Cleaning
    • Documentation Systems