Five (5) signs you NEED to invest in Workforce Development

Five (5) Signs you NEED to invest in Workforce Development:

  1. High turnover:

  2. Productivity is down: In a study of more than 3100 US workplaces, a 10% increase in educational development produced an 8.6% gain in productivity.

  3. Profitability is down: Companies that invest $2,500 on training per employee can see an average of 24% more profit than companies who invest less.

  4. Meetings are boring: Workforce development includes teambuilding, which is based on a foundation of trust. If meetings are boring, then it may mean one of three things: 1) Everyone thinks the same way and so you always have consensus (yeah, right). 2) Your colleagues don’t care enough to bother to give their opinion. 3) Your colleagues are not comfortable sharing their thoughts because they either feel they will be criticized, not truly heard and considered, or fear ramifications. If people trust, then they care and they want to be heard. It creates lively discussion and everyone walks away feeling good about the meeting and can’t wait for the next one (ok, maybe that’s a reach).

  5. Supervisors are promoted from within based on performance: We find that many Supervisors are in their position as a promotion because of their performance in their previous non-manager role. But are the skill sets the same for being a Supervisor? The skills to Serve, Lead and Manage are different, but can be learned.

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